Brittany Birch Double Point Knitting Needles


I love these knitting needles. In fact they are the only brand of knitting needles I use. Smooth yet not slippery. Made of  birch. If you are a historical re-enactor these are great. Lots of sizes. Five (5) needles to a pack.

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10", 5", 7 1/2'


1 1/2US/2.25mm, 1 US/2.25mm, 10 1/2US/6.50mm, 10 3/4US/7.0mm, 10 7/8US/7.5mm, 10 US/6.0mm, 2 1/2US/3.0mm, 2US/2.75mm, 3 US/3.25mm, 4 US/3.50mm, 5 US/4.75mm, 6 US/4.0mm, 7 US/4.50mm, 8 US/5.0mm, 9 US/5.50mm


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