An Introduction to Shepherdwoods Farm

Shepherdwoods Farm was begun in 1996, when Alan, Chris and son, Tim moved to Marseilles, Illinois. The initial reason was to get Tim out of the previous school system so infested with gangs and drugs.  Also to live in the country, raise sheep for the wool and as breeding stock. Chris is a hand spinner and weaver.

We began with Shetland sheep and Finn/Rambouillet sheep. Shetlands for their soft, many colored wool fleeces, Finn/Rambouillet for their soft,  pure white wool. Later we decided to keep just Shetlands as they were smaller, both rams and ewes were easy to handle, ewes are excellent mothers and Shetlands wag their tails.

We currently have a flock of 16 sheep, all ewes, no rams are kept on the farm. Shetland wool can be found in 11 whole main colors – Black, Shaela (dark steely gray), Emsket (medium bluish gray), Gray, Light Gray, White, Fawn, Mioget (Golden Brown), Musket (Grayed Brown), Moorit (Reddish Brown) and Dark Brown.

We have sheep with Black, Gray, Light Gray, White, Fawn, Mioget, Musket, Moorit, and Dark Brown wool.

We hope you enjoy your visit to these pages. For a real treat come visit us at the Shop on the farm.

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