About Us

Shepherdwoods Farm began in 1996 when the Greene family moved to Marseilles, IL and moved our flock of Registered Shetland Sheep to the farm. For a few years the sheep lived in a small shed till we built the barn beginning in December 1999 and finishing in January 2000 – our “century barn”.

Our sheep carry the Rare Flett canadian genetics. We currently have a flock of 13 Shetland sheep, all ewes, no rams are kept on the farm. Shetland wool can be found in 11 whole main colors – Black, Shaela (dark steely gray), Emsket (medium bluish gray), Gray, Light Gray, White, Fawn, Mioget (Golden Brown), Musket (Grayed Brown), Moorit (Reddish Brown) and Dark Brown.

We have Shetland sheep with Black, Black Iset, Gray, Light Gray, White, Musket, Dark Musket, Moorit fleeces.

In the shop you will find many items and handmade products made from the Shetland wool. We also carry all natural fibers and yarns such as Cotton, Flax or Linen, Alpaca, Silk, Mohair, other breeds of sheep wool and wool/mohair blends.

We hope you enjoy your visit to these pages. For a real treat come visit the sheep and the Shop on the farm. We are open Tuesday – Saturday, usually 12noon – 6pm. Please call first as doctor appointments and meetings at church may change our schedule. 815-496-2628 or 815-200-5582. We are fully handicap accessible. Parking is in the rear behind the house next to the shop building.

We appreciate our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.