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A Different Path

I’ve never written a blog before. So for me this is a different path. Along with raising Shetland sheep and opening the farm fiber and yarn shop last October we also try to maintain a sizeable herb and vegetable garden. Seems like harvesting began earlier this year. I planted three new thyme plants this year and have only sparsly harvested them, but the five year old oregano plant took of early in April and I’ve had to harvest three times already. It’s ready for a fourth. A new crop this year was Swiss Chard. Planted 6 plants and finished the two rows with seed, Figuring the plants would give me an ear;y crop and the seeds a later crop. With in three weeks I was over my head in Swiss Chard. Heirloom tomato plants have given us tasty BLT’s through out the summer, but not enough to can. So the canning tomatoes came from a friend. Twenty 29 quarts, two quarts of juice and 10 pints of roma tomatoes frozen. Chili anyone?

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